What are fertility problems?
Developing a Mother’s Body
Treatment at Takumidou
Application and Cancellation
Takumidou acupuncture fertility clinic
– tackling infertility issues with oriental medicine.
Let us help you develop a healthy maternal body so that you can be the proud parent of a healthy baby. At Takumidou, we have made every effort to learn how we can improve egg quality and the uterine environment.
The infertility treatment offered at Takumidou is recommended for the following cases.
• You wish to prepare your body for pregnancy concurrently with medical treatment at a hospital.
• You want to try again to conceive after first enhancing your constitution through acupuncture.
• You are taking a break from infertility treatment at the hospital.
• You wish to have a baby through natural conception.
• You conceived your first child without trouble, but are having difficulty conceiving a second.
Although the time required for improvements and the ways in which the results of treatment manifest vary from person to person depending on their individual constitution, we are proud to say that we have many satisfied customers.
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